Past Simple vs Present Perfect

Past Simple vs Present PerfectPast Simple vs Present Perfect Past Simple vs Present Perfect Past Simple vs Present Perfect Past Simple vs Present Perfect Past Simple vs Present PerfectPast Simple vs Present Perfect

        Past Simple

Используем, когда говорим о завершенном действии в прошлом. Обычно указывается конкретное время.


  1. We lived here for 5 years.

(We don’t live here anymore.)

  1. 2. I played tennis at college.
  2. 3. Joe arrived 5 minutes ago.
  3. 4. Did Michael Jackson ever go to China?
  4. 5. Did mom tell you my secret yesterday?
  5. I wrote a poem last night.

(My grandpa never wrote poems.)

  1. Tom lost his key a month ago.
  2. Did the letter come this morning
  3.  The children ate an hour ago.
  4.  I bought a new car last week.
  5. . Jen sent that letter a day ago!
  6.  Jack went to Egypt for a few weeks last month.
  7. My brother saw a comet yesterday.
  8. My guests left a minute ago!
  9. I didn’t hear any noise last night.
  10. My grandparents didn’t have any gadgets.
  11.  I didn’t drive my car yesterday evening
  12. I had a car crash last winter.
  1. The author wrote 15 books in his career. (The career is over now.)
  2.  In 1987 hooliganism became a problem in our town. (It isn’t a problem anymore.)
  3.  I broke my leg when I was a child.
  4. Now it is just a memory.
  5. My dog died last fall.

Past Simple vs Present Perfect


    Present Perfect

Используем, когда : *действие в прошлом имеет результат в настоящем; *говорим о периоде времени с к.-л. момента прошлого до настоящего момента; сообщаем свежие новости.

(have/has + Ved/V3)

  1. We’ve lived here for 5 years.

(We still live here.)

  1. I’ve played tennis before.
  2. Joe has just arrived.
  3. Have you ever been to China?
  4. Has mom told you my secret yet?
  5. I‘ve never written a poem before.

(My uncle has written 5 poems so far.)

  1. Tom has lost his key.
  2. Has the letter come this morning?
  3. I‘ve just bought a new car
  4. Jen has already sent that letter.
  5. Jack has gone to Egypt.(He is still there.)
  6. Have you seen my glasses?
  7. My guests have just left.I haven’t heard from Mark yet.
  8. I‘ve never had a car.
  9. This is the first time I‘ve ever driven a car!

Past Simple vs Present Perfect  Present Perfect ( I have done )      Past Simple ( I did )

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