Устная часть. Составление вопросов

Составление вопросов
Составление вопросов

Составление вопросов

Speaking part (Устная часть)

Asking questions:

Составление вопросов:


1. Location – место расположения

Where is the gym/swimming pool/shopping center located?

2. Price — стоимость

How much does the course/subscription/trip cost?

How much is the phone?

3. Duration – продолжительность

How long is the flight/ride/journey?

How long will the tour last?

4. Working hours – часы работы

What are the working hours of the shop/club/studio?

5. Discounts for students/groups/the disabled – скидки для студентов/групп/инвалидов

Are there any discounts for students?

Are discounts for groups available?

6. Special offers – специальные предложения

Are there any special offers available at your travel agency/ school/center?

7. Number of students in a group – количество студентов в группе

How many students are there in a group?

8. If meals are included – включено ли питание

Are meals included in the price of the voyage?

9. Dates for departure – даты отправления

What are the departure dates?

10. Distance from the city center – расстояние от центра города

How far is the swimming pool/studio/theatre from the city center?

11. Directions to the café/cinema/pet shop – способ добраться

How can I get to the pet shop?

12. Tuition fee – стоимость обучения

What is the tuition fee?

13. Courses available – доступные курсы

What kinds of courses are available?

What courses do you offer?

Are evening courses available?

14. Price for a three-week course – стоимость трехнедельного курса

How much is a three-week course?

What is the price for a three-week course?

А также:

15. Number of classes per week – количество занятий в неделю

How many classes are there per week?

How many classes a week do you offer?

16. Beginning of the course – начало курса

When does the course start/begin?

17. Availability of something – возможность чего-либо

Is delivery to my hometown available?

Can you deliver the phone to my hometown?

18. Hotel facilities – услуги в отеле

What facilities are available at the hotel?

What facilities do you offer?

19. Possible accommodation – виды проживания

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

What kind of accommodation is available?

20. Advance booking – предварительный заказ

Is it possible to book a room in advance?

Can I book a room in advance?

Кроме того:

21. Online reservation – бронирование по интернету

Can I make a reservation online?

Is it possible to make a reservation online?

22. Available kinds of payment — доступные виды оплаты 

What kinds of payment are available/ possible?

23. Credit card acceptance— возможность оплаты кредитной картой

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

Can I pay by credit card?

24. Cancellation – отмена заказа

Is cancellation possible?

Can I cancel the order?

Is there any possibility to cancel the order?

25. Refund for a ticket – компенсация средств за билет

Is it possible to get a refund for a ticket?

Can I get a refund for a ticket?

26. Age restriction – возрастные ограничения

Are there any age restrictions to participate in the event?

How old should one be to participate in the event?

27. Membership in a club – членство в клубе

How can I become a member of your club?

How can I join your club?

28. If taking pictures permitted – разрешается ли фотосъемка

Is taking pictures permitted/ allowed?

Is it possible to take pictures during the concert?

29. Minimum age limit – минимальный возраст

What is the minimum age limit to participate in the event?

30. If a wake-up call available – возможность звонка в номер для пробуждения

Is a wake-up call possible/available?

Is it possible to give me a wake-up call?

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